Is It Better To Moving in the Summer or Winter?

Is It Better To Moving in the Summer or Winter

Did you find a better place to live? Do you want to move closer to your workplace or family members? There are several reasons that prompt people to move and change their locations and many questions they need to ask themselves before taking this big decision.

One of them is deciding on when to move. Is it better to move in the summer or winter?

If you’re asking yourself this question, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll answer it in the following article, so keep on reading.

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Is It Better to Move in the Summer or Winter

Most Americans move several times during their lifetimeOpens in a new tab., perhaps more than most other nationalities. And while moving is good, especially if you’ve studied your options well, it comes with a lot of stress and needs careful planning.

Choosing the best time to move can significantly affect the smoothness of the whole process, so you need to think carefully. Some people prefer to move in summer, while others prefer winter, and we’ll discuss the pros and cons of both options in detail.

Pros of Moving in the Summer

Moving on a Sunny Summer Day

Lots of people prefer to move when the weather is warm. Here are the top reasons why the summer might be a good time to move.

  • Students have their vacation in the summer, so family members can help with packing your stuff. You can also take some days off your annual vacation.
  • Since there’s no school, you won’t have to worry about disturbing your kids’ schedule, so you can send them over to someone’s place or let them help.
  • Most lease contracts expire in the summer, so you’ll have time to look for a new place to relocate.
  • With minimal chances of rain, there’s little possibility that any of your stuff will get wet or damaged, even if you leave them on the sidewalk for a while.
  • There’s no ice that you might slip onOpens in a new tab., especially while carrying heavy boxes.
  • The days are longer, and this gives you more time to pack and the movers more time to work.

Cons of Moving in the Summer

Despite all these reasons, moving in the summer comes with a few drawbacks that you need to think about.

  • Most people will be looking for new places during summer, and as a result, the rents are likely to go up.
  • It’s a busy time for movers since most people will be hiring. This means that you can expect them to charge you higher, and there will be little flexibility if you want to reschedule, so you have to plan ahead and make sure that everything is ready before your movers arrive.
  • On some days, the weather can get scorching hot, depending on your location. You and the movers might struggle with packing and moving.
  • If you’re moving out with a lot of fragile, expensive, or antique stuff, they might overheat. You can’t leave your artwork pieces in the sun for a long period, even if they’re wrapped.

Pros of Moving in the Winter

Moving on a Snowy Winter Day

A lot of people will actually wait until the temperature drops to plan their move. So here are the advantages of moving in the winter.

  • You won’t have to waste your or your kids’ summer vacation. Moving in winter gives you a chance to enjoy your new place when the weather improves.
  • Although there are fewer properties on the market, there’s also less competition. So, you might be able to get a good place for a really competitive price.
  • You don’t have to wait until the weather is freezing. Moving in the cooler weather as the temperature starts to drop decreases the risks of you or the movers overheating.
  • You can plan your moving date around the holiday season, so you won’t have to take time off work.
  • Movers aren’t that busy during the colder months of the year. As a result, you might be able to get a good deal on the moving process, negotiate prices, and enjoy a little bit of flexibility.

Cons of Moving in the Winter

Nevertheless, moving in the winter has a few disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

  • A lot of people aren’t that comfortable about moving out in winter. Your new place might need some isolation, or the heating might not be working the way that works for you, so you might not have time to fix these problems if the temperature suddenly drops or a storm hits.
  • If you have kids who go to school or college, relocating means that you have to figure out how they’ll proceed with their studies. Moving from one school to another during the academic year can be quite challenging.
  • Some people are less likely to feel active during winterOpens in a new tab., and it’ll be challenging to go through all your stuff and start the packing process.
  • The weather can be highly unpredictable, so a storm or blizzard might prevent your movers from showing up on time or finishing the moving process during the scheduled period.
  • Some movers won’t work during the holiday season.
  • Snow and sleet can damage your belongings, even if they’re in boxes. If your stuff isn’t properly wrapped, a little bit of rain or snow can cost you several hundreds of dollars.
  • Carrying heavy boxes while walking on an icy sidewalk is dangerous. You also need to make sure that the floors in your house are protected while moving in and out to avoid soiling the rugs and the floors.

Which Season is Better?

This is a matter of personal preference because each season offers a set of advantages but comes with some challenges.

If you have a big family and your time is tight, then moving in summer might be your only option. You just need to plan ahead to get a good quote, so you can enjoy the rest of your vacation at your new place.

Moving in the winter can be a good option if you want to move on a tight budget. However, unpredictable weather can disrupt your plans, so you need to plan carefully to make sure that everything goes smoothly.


I've been a college coach for going on 20 years now and that career has led Jen and I on quite the journey. We've lived in 7 different states and have moved a dozen different times. We've learned A LOT over the course of all those moves and we want to pass on our knowledge to help others going through the moving process.

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