About Us

Hey everyone!

Our names are Ryan and Jen and we run Moving Expertise.

With a site like “Moving Expertise”, you may be wondering what makes us “Moving Experts”? Rightfully so!

Ryan has worked in Collegiate Sports Science and Strength and Conditioning for almost 20 years. This career path has led us through quite a few moves!

Since we graduated college, we have moved from Ohio to Knoxville, Miami, Richmond, Burlington (NC), Philadelphia and most recently Atlanta.

All in all, including our early moves in college, we’ve moved over a dozen times through seven different states!

Along the way we’ve done everything from packing the back of a pickup truck, renting a moving truck, pods and even hiring a moving company. We’ve literally done it all.

Moving can be extremely stressful and while it’s generally never fun (just being honest!), we have learned lots of tips, tricks and processes that have made our moves more efficient and stress-free over the years.

Moving Expertise is our chance to help others go through this process and learn from some of the mistakes that we’ve made over the course of all our moves.

Our Staff

Melissa M

Like Ryan and Jen, I’m also part of a coaching family that has led to more than a handful of moves – seven moves across six different states since my husband started his coaching career. Needless to say, I’ve learned A LOT about moving along the way.

I’ve moved with kids (both as babies and teenagers – not sure which was harder), cats, dogs and even a few fish along the way. I’ve moved with the help of professional moving companies and sometimes with only the help of a few family members.

I’m so excited for the opportunity to share some of my experiences, both good and bad, that will hopefully help someone out there along the way.