How To Find a Job in a New City (9 Tips)

Being married to a college football coach has meant living in a new city every 3 or 4 years. Yes, that’s a lot of packing and moving, but for me, it has also meant needing to find a new job in each new city.

Starting over again can be challenging but looking for a job when you move to a new city doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

While it may give you feelings of anxiety, fear, or concern, with this list of tips and tricks that I’ve compiled over the years, you will be prepared and ready to explore the job market in no time!

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9 Tips For Finding a New Job

Mentally Prepare Yourself

Think Positive Be Positive

The main things you need to know about searching for a new job come from within yourself. Being mentally prepared is very important when you are starting over in a new city without a job. You will want to know that you are ready to explore the job market and understand which type of job you are seeking.

Confidence and knowledge are the key components that will assist you in your job search. Having a positive and confident attitude will give you a better understanding and viewpoint of what is happening.

Give yourself a pep talk, research the job market, dress for success, and gain insight into the jobs that you want to apply for.

Check With Your Old Company

I worked in hospitality in my 20s and the first thing I would do is to check and see if my company had any locations in our new city.

With a little bit of luck, finding a new job might be no more than transferring to another branch within the same company you already work for. Sure, you’ll still have to acclimate yourself to new bosses and new co-workers, but being able to transfer gets you straight past the hardest part.

Look Online

Check For Jobs Online

The internet is an amazing tool that will help you find your next job! There are specific websites that will like you to places that are hiring in your area without you ever needing to step food out of the house!

Not only can you find physical jobs on the internet, but you can also find online jobs as well! If you are more introverted, online work may be just what you need to feel satisfied and fulfilled. Even better, if you do move a lot as I do, online work can travel with you!

Look on websites like Craigslist, Indeed, or LinkedIn for various job postings that you can apply to.

Ask Friends Or Neighbors

Asking friends in the area or neighbors if they know of any places that are hiring is a great way to see what jobs are available. Friends, neighbors or possibly even a roommate can all give you a leg up on your job search!

If you are moving with a significant other, don’t be afraid to tap into those resources as well. You never know when someone who they work with has a spouse or relative who has an open position at their company.

Don’t forget to ask the bartender, barber, or waitress at your local eatery as well! People in these types of careers get to know their clients on a personal level and may be able to lead you in the right direction.

Sign Up To Receive Alerts

Many companies will send you a text or an email when they are hiring for a new position! If you meet all of the requirements needed for the job then you are one step closer to finding a new job!

Visit A Job Fair

Job Fair

Most cities have regular job fairs where employers and potential employees go to mingle and connect. Job fairs are great to see what is available and put in applications!

Keep Your Social Media Professional

Always be sure to keep your social media pages up to date and professional.

You never know when a potential employer may want to scope out what you do online. Many employers have an image to upkeep and will want you to have a similar appeal on your public accounts.

Update Your Resume

Another great way to land a job in a new city is to have a great resume that has all of your information and accomplishments. Keep your resume professional, and up to date, and make it stand out so that you get noticed by potential employers.

Before you even start packing up your current home, take a few minutes to fully update your resume, print them out and keep them in a secure folder.

Not only is packing and moving time-consuming, but you don’t want to find yourself in your new home with your computer or internet not set up yet when you get asked for a copy of your resume. Have them already done and ready!

Walk Around Downtown

The downtown area of the city is always busy with the hustle and bustle of city life. Places that are hiring may have a sign in their window or maybe you can hand out your business card to someone who looks like they may need your services!

Never be afraid to strike up a conversation with new people who could potentially become clients or your new boss!


Finding a job in a new city doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The best thing you can do is be available and open to new experiences! Always put yourself out there and explore multiple options! You never know what career path may find you!

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Melissa M

Melissa is part of a coaching family who has packed up and moved to new cities and states more times than she'd like to count! She's learned quite about packing up her life in a short period of time and is excited to share some of the things she's learned with others.

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