How To Pack Beauty Products For Moving (In 10 Steps)

How To Pack Beauty Products For Moving

When you’re moving, packing your toiletries is probably the last thing on your mind. Yet, with some valuable tips and know-how, you’ll be able to safely pack your beauty essentials.

In this article, I’ll show you how to pack beauty products for your DIY move. By the time you finish reading this guide, you’ll be an expert on the proper packing techniques of all beauty products.

Let’s get started.

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Pack Your Beauty Products in 10 Easy Steps

Check out this step-by-step guide. It’ll help ensure that your beauty supplies remain undamaged and in one piece until you safely make it to your new home.

Step 1: Place All Your Beauty Products in One Area

Assortment of Beauty Products

Take out all your beauty products from your dresser, closet, and bathroom vanity. Then, place them in one area. This can be on the dining room table, your bed, or the bedroom floor.

Just keep in mind that if you’re going with the latter, place them in one of the corners. This way, there won’t be any chance someone could accidentally trample on them.

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies

Now, it’s time to get the supplies you’ll need for packing:

  • Resealable plastic bags
  • Bubble wrap, old newspapers, towels
  • Plastic wrap
  • Marker
  • Packing tape
  • Cardboard boxes

Step 3: Make Three Piles

Once you’ve gathered all in one place, divide them up into three piles. One pile should be for anything made of plastic. The second pile should be all the glass containers.

With each product, take a look at the expiration date. If it’s passed its use-by date, throw it in pile number three, which is for the things you no longer need.

If you can’t make out any dates, remember that powders and mascaras usually last anywhere from six months to a year from when you started using them. That should help you decide on what stays and what goes.

As we said, the third pile is for the things you’re willing to throw out. This includes old makeup, brushes, and other beauty products that look like they’ve seen better days. If it looks tattered and worn-out, it’s probably best to get a new one anyway.

Just make a note to get it replaced once you settle into your new home. This way, you have more room for your other stuff, and you don’t waste time packing any non-essentials.

Step 4: Squeeze the Air Out of Plastic Containers

Let’s start with the plastic containers. First, open each one and try to squeeze out the air as much as you can. Then, quickly close them up again.

Remember that it can get pretty hot inside a moving truck, and if you remember from high school physics, air expands when heated. This means that the less air you have in these containers, the less risk they’ll swell, burst open, and leak due to changes in air pressure.

Step 5: Wrap Up Glass Bottles

Now, it’s on to the glass containers. Again, these should be wrapped with extra care to prevent them from shattering or breaking inside the moving truck.

So, what types of materials can you use to wrap glass beauty products? One idea is to put them in socks to keep them protected. You can also wrap them up in towels, pillowcases, or bubble wrap.

Step 6: Seal Bottles with Plastic Wrap

One of the best ways we found that helps reduce leakage is plastic wrap. First, remove the lid. Next, place a sheet of plastic wrap and replace the top.

Having that seal ensures that the product won’t spill en route. Plus, the lid does a great job of holding the plastic wrap in place, which adds an extra level of security.

Step 7: Use Two Bags

When you’re sure all the containers are tightly secured and wrapped, it’s time to pack them into boxes. Although, before you do that, you should consider placing each container in a separate resealable plastic bag.

It safeguards the containers against bumps and jolts. Additionally, adding that extra bag helps catch spills and other mishaps so that makeup and other beauty products won’t get all over your other items.

Step 8: Place Cardboard Dividers

Even if you’ve packed your beauty products in a small box, having dividers means less mess to clean up later. Dividers also help avoid bottles and containers bumping into each other or falling on top of each other.

Plus, they’re super easy to make. Take a look:

  1. Measure the inside of the box: width, height, and depth.
  2. Cut out one piece of cardboard with measurements for ‘height x width.’
  3. Cut out a second piece using measurements for ‘height x depth.’
  4. Measure the halfway point of each piece and mark it with a marker.
  5. Cut a line on this mark only halfway through.
  6. Insert one piece into the second.
  7. Place inside the box.

Step 9: Make a List

Before taping off each box, make an inventory list. You can use it to double-check that everything arrived safely and that they’re all undamaged. Moreover, having that list will save you hours of guesswork when it’s time to unpack, making the transition much smoother.

So, with pen and paper in hand, place each item into the moving box, and write it down on the list. You can write down its brand name, color, size—anything that can help you remember what that product is just by looking at the list.

Step 10: Moving Day

It’s finally moving day! The moving trucks are here, and everything is ready to be packed up and shipped out.

As for your beauty products, you can pack them up in the truck, along with the other boxes and furniture. For example, you’ve probably prepared your couch for the movers using bubble wrap, plastic wrap, or moving blankets.

So, why not use that extra cushioning to your advantage and place the box of beauty products there during the move?

You can tuck in the box of beauty supplies in between the cushions. You can also place the box underneath the couch and lodge it next to one of the couch legs.

Another option is to take them with you in your car. Try placing them on the back seat or floor of your car. It’ll help prevent them from sliding across the seat.

Also, avoid leaving them in the heat or direct sunlight for too long, especially if you’re moving during the summer. They’ll just end up melting or leaking out as a result.


When packing your makeup and beauty supplies, there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way. You can’t just throw everything into a bag and call it a day.

That’s where our step-by-step guide on how to pack beauty products for moving comes in real handy. If you follow these tips (moving tips that is! Go here if you want actual beauty tipsOpens in a new tab.), you can rest assured your supplies will arrive at their new destination undamaged and intact.

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