How To Pack Garden Tools For Moving

How To Pack Garden Tools For Moving

Moving can be a hectic and tiresome process as it is. Add to that the challenging garden tools that you hadn’t even thought about – until right now.

You take a look at your tools, and you don’t know where to start. But it’s not hard at all. In fact, we’re going to turn it into one of the easiest parts of your packing to move journey.

Here’s a guide on how to pack your garden tools efficiently and easily.

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Tips Before You Start Packing Your Garden Tools

We’re going to start discussing the actual packing of your garden tools in just a minute. But, getting yourself prepped before hand is the most important part to make this process as stress-free as possible.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you start.

Label Your Boxes

Markers are your best friends. Label any boxes that you pack to help your future self with the unpacking. Label the box clearly with which tools or parts are inside it. Trust me, you won’t remember what was where later, so don’t try to rely on your memory.

Also add clear instructions like fragile, heavy, up, and bottom. Finally, mark several sides and the top so you can still find the box you need easily even when you have a bunch in stacks.

Use Your Boxes Correctly

Boxes are the ideal packing tool if used properly. Reusing old Amazon boxes are okay as long as they are in good shape, but don’t hesitate buying however many quality boxes you need. Also, don’t overfill them to the point that they’ll break during the move.

Use only the type of boxes that can be sealed. Open top boxes are no good to you when you need to make stacks of 4 or 5 boxes.

Finally, your boxes are only as strong as the tape you seal them with. Invest in good quality and durable packing tape to seal your boxes.

Take Some Photos

Use your phone. Take pictures of any gardening equipment that you’re going to disassemble.

Take some before photos to know where every part goes. And again take some after photos to remind you which part belongs to which equipment.

Then keep disassembled parts together by either placing everything in a bag together or taping pieces together.

Preparing to Pack

Organizing Your Garden Tools
Organizing your garden tools may seem like more work, but it will end up saving you a ton of time and stress.

Organizing before packing makes the process much easier and way more convenient. Don’t just pack everything that you lay your hands on.

As big of a pain as organizing might seem now, it’s an even bigger pain to pack up and move items you don’t even really want or may not even fit in your new home.

Do you really want to take all the clutter along?

Organize and Sort Out

Collect all your gardening tools, go through them and start sorting them into piles. An old and rusty throw-away pile that includes any broken or rusty tools that you can’t use anymore. Make sure you dispose of them safely.

Other piles are the donate pile and the sell pile. This donate pile contains tools that have no value to sell but you still don’t need. Consider donating them or giving them to a friend.

You’ll also find some doubles or replaced tools. These can be put in the sell pile. Selling some tools (as well as other items throughout your home) will make you some money to help with the moving costs.

Last but not least, the keep pile. These are the tools that you’ll definitely want to take to your new home.

Group Your Tools

Now that you have cleared the jumble, you have a clearer idea of what you’re going to take with you. And these are the tools that we will take to our next step.

Being more organized will ensure that your packing is well planned and effective. Start by grouping your gardening tools. You can group them by size or by function.

Clean, Disinfect, Then Dry Your Tools

Cleaning Garden Tools

You don’t want to carry any dirt along. Soak your gardening tools in hot water and dishwashing soap for at least 15 minutes. Take them out and scrub.

Disinfecting your garden tools is a crucial step. This will prevent the transferring of any fungus or pests to your new garden. Put your tools in a water and chlorine mixture, or rub them with rubbing alcohol.

Use a clean cloth to dry your gardening tools thoroughly. Don’t air dry or pack them while wet to prevent dealing with rust.

Prepare Your Packing Tools

To guarantee yourself an easy pack, start by preparing all the packaging tools needed to pack your gardening tools.

  • Boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Old blankets or towels
  • Zip ties, strings, or ropes

How to Pack Your Garden Tools for Moving

Now you’re all set. Your tools are organized and clean. Your packing supplies are ready. Now, let’s see how to pack each type of garden tool.

But first, prepare your boxes by stuffing the bottom of the box with packing sheets. And when you start packing them, put the heavier tools in first.

Pack the Sharp Tools

Sharp-edged garden tools need to be safe for moving. Use old blankets or old towels  to wrap and cover their sharp edges. Then use zip ties to fasten the blankets around your sharp-edged garden tools.

Pack the Power Garden Tools

Electric-powered garden tools are like chainsaws or leaf blowers/vacuums.

Separate any detachable parts of the tools and wrap the parts and place them in a box. Then coil the electric cord around, wrap your tool with bubble wrap or a blanket then place it in the box.

If you still have the original box that the tool came in, today is the day your packrat tendencies win the day. There’s no better feeling than being able to neatly package your more expensive items into perfectly fitting and labeled original boxes.

Pack the Lawn Mower

Packing a Lawn Mower

To be honest, we’ve never packed and moved a lawn mower. We’ve always sold them when moving out.


First, the lawn mower needs to fit your new yard. Second, no matter how well you clean it, it’s going to smell like gas (unless you have an electric mower or push mower). I’ve never wanted all my other belongings sitting in a truck with something smelling like gas for a few days.

If you are going to take your lawn mower with you, it is very important to prepare it properly before packing.

Drain it from gas and oil in containers and dispose of those fluids safely. Clean your lawnmower from any grass. Finally, detach, wrap and box any removable parts.

Pack the Fragile Garden Items and Tools

Items like pots or planters can be easily damaged during moving. Wrap any fragile gardening tools separately in bubble wrap.

After wrapping, place them in a box and fill any empty spaces with packing paper.

Pack the Long-Handled Sharp Garden Tools

Assemble all long-handled gardening tools together. Tie them well with zip locks, a rope, or packing tape.

Any sharp ends must be covered with a blanket or a towel. Pack them in a suitable box if possible for more secured and safe moving.

Pack the Garden Hose

Turn off your water source and detach any sprinklers or sprayers from your hose. Wrap them separately and pack them in a box.

It is very important to drain your garden hose before coiling, then put it in a box.

What Not to Pack

Most moving companies have a list of things that they don’t transport. Check with your moving company before you pack these items.

  • Pesticides and inflammable items (gas and oils)
  • Live plants, soil, and fertilizers
  • Lawnmower or any gas-operated equipment, if their tanks are full

Loading Your Moving Truck

If you didn’t hire professional movers, we’re here for the last step of your packing to move journey.

The best way to start loading your truck is to start with the bigger and heavier boxes/items then the lighter ones on top. This will provide steadiness to your load.

Distribute the weight evenly. And go from the bottom up and from the sides to the center. You can strap your load with ropes to avoid any collapsing while you’re on the move.


If you plan beforehand and stay organized, packing and moving won’t be a big deal. Now your garden tools are ready for moving.

They are decluttered, clean, and disinfected. All your garden tools are packed orderly and loaded professionally and safely. And the unpacking will never be easier.

Your new garden space is waiting for you.


I've been a college coach for going on 20 years now and that career has led Jen and I on quite the journey. We've lived in 7 different states and have moved a dozen different times. We've learned A LOT over the course of all those moves and we want to pass on our knowledge to help others going through the moving process.

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