What Should I Do on My First Day in My New Apartment?

First Day in a New Apartment

Everyone moves at some point in their lives, rarely do people live in one place from birth til death. Moving is a big deal, it is a way to explore new parts of who you are and learn new things about yourself.

Moving to a new apartment can feel overwhelming at times and make you unsure about what to do on your first day in your new apartment. Below we will discuss the best things to do on your first day at your new place!

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11 Things To Do On Your First Day in an Apartment

Take Pictures of Everything!

Taking a Picture of Empty Apartment

My number one recommendation – even before you start bringing in your things – is to take pictures of EVERYTHING.

Every patched hole on the wall. Every knick in the countertop. Every scratch on the floor. That hairline crack in the bathroom mirror.

When you rent an apartment, you never know how ethical the people or person you’re renting from really is. Having a record of everything in your apartment can be priceless if your landlord tries to blame you for something when you move out.

It’s seriously one of the best ways to make sure you get your FULL deposit back from your landlord when you move out.

Meet Your Neighbors

Moving into a new apartment can be exciting. You are in a new place and you are surrounded by new people. If you are an extrovert this may be great because it is the chance to make new friends and acquaintances.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, introverts may find moving into a new apartment a bit scarier because they have to interact with new neighbors and strangers. The good news is that moving to a new apartment can be great for everyone as long as you choose to interact in a way that makes you comfortable.

For those who are excited about meeting new people, you may want to give a friendly hello to your neighbors by knocking on their door and introducing yourself. This can be a fun way to let them know that you are new to the area and ask them for advice.

If you aren’t as outgoing or excited about creating new friendships you can leave a note on your neighbor’s door explaining who you are and that you are new to the neighborhood. A note is not as intimidating, but it can let them acknowledge that they have someone new living next door.


For those of us who are eager to get settled in, you may choose to unpack your things on the first day at your new apartment. I know some people who like to take their time and don’t mind living out of boxes for a few weeks, but I am definitely an immediate unpacker!

Unpacking can give you a sense of relief. The physical part of moving and the burden of the move is over.

Now it is time to put your things where they will go for the duration of this move. Being surrounded by your unpacked items can be comforting and make you feel more relaxed.

Order Food

Order Food

As a foodie, I always order food and have it delivered on my first day in a new living space. I order food for several reasons, first reason is that I am usually exhausted! After packing, moving, and every other little detail that goes into moving, I don’t have to energy to prepare a meal for myself!

The second reason I order food on my first day in a new place is to let me explore the options of what is available in my area! Ordering from a local restaurant can let you know if you want to try that eatery in person at a later date! If the food is delivered and you don’t like it, it will help you know to avoid that restaurant.

The last reason that I order food on my first day in a new apartment is to see how accessible my place is. If the delivery driver has difficulty finding my apartment, I will know how to help my friends and family navigate when they come to visit!

Ordering food can help you in more ways than one and it may come in handy more often than you think!

Invite People Over

On your first day in your new apartment, it can be fun to invite your friends and family to come to hang out and see your new place. They can help you unpack or they can just keep you company while you learn more about where you live.

Hook Up Your Electronics

Set Up Your Wifi

I can’t live without the internet and all of my electronics! One of the first things you should do is to hook up your internet so that you can be connected and ready for when you need it!

Setting up the wifi on all your devices all at once will save you quite a bit of time compared to hunting down the router to look at the impossible-to-remember password 5 different times. And having your laptop, iPad, TVs, and phones charged and ready will help when you need to work, order food, or contact your friends.

Clean The Bathroom

Apartments can be unoccupied for a while before you move in. Many people may do a walk-through of the apartment before you finally settle in. Each of these people probably checked out the bathroom and may have used it as well.

It is always a good idea to thoroughly clean the bathroom before you unpack your toiletries and towels.

Make A List Of Needs

Do a walkthrough of your new apartment on the first day and make a list of things you will need to make it feel like home. You may need drawer organizers, hooks, screws, new locks, rugs, or storage items.

Once you have your list you can either order everything you need from Amazon or go to your local hardware store to purchase everything.

Organize Your Closet

Organized Closet

Nothing brings me more inner peace than having a clean and organized closet! After unpacking your clothes, shoes, and accessories you should create a tidy space in your closet for each item. (This is much easier if you properly decluttered when you packed up your closet)

Having an organized closet helps you feel less stressed when you have to get ready in the morning.

Make Your Bed

A freshly made bed is one of the most comforting things after a long day. Moving is going to exhaust you to the fullest! Make sure to set up your bed, add fresh sheets, fluffed pillows, and a clean comforter so that you have a nice cozy spot to rest and sleep when it is time to wind down.

Take A Nap

I love naps! Naps are rejuvenating and help you recover from being overworked. Once the moving truck has unloaded its final load of items and you are settled into your new apartment, take a nice nap to help you bounce back!

You will have a lot more to do after the first day, moving doesn’t end until the last box is unpacked. A nap will help prevent you from completely crashing and can be just what you need to keep going!

What Is Your New Apartment Routine?

There are many things you can do on the first day in your new apartment. Are you the type who wants to finish unpacking quickly and get on with your life? Or, do you take your time and unpack slowly while enjoying other things during the process?

The good part is there is no right or wrong answer. Above all else, enjoy your first day in your new home!

Melissa M

Melissa is part of a coaching family who has packed up and moved to new cities and states more times than she'd like to count! She's learned quite about packing up her life in a short period of time and is excited to share some of the things she's learned with others.

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