Is It Better to Move at the Beginning or End of the Month?

Is It Better to Move at the Beginning or End of the Month

On average, 9.8% of Americans move annuallyOpens in a new tab., and it’s expected that this percentage will be a lot higher in the future. Moving can be very stressful and hectic; even a small inconvenience can ruin your entire moving schedule.

There are popular times for people to move, but moving at these times may not always be easiest. In fact, moving at peak times can be the exact opposite of easy.

Regardless, we’re not here to tell you that a specific day or month is the best for moving. We’re here to present all the factors that you should consider when picking a moving date.

In this post, we’re breaking down every aspect of choosing a moving day for you. We shed light on everything from getting the best prices to avoiding drive traffic. Most importantly, we address a common question: “Is it better to move at the beginning or the end of the month?”

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What Week of the Month Is Best for Moving?

I’m not going to blatantly state that the beginning, end, or mid-month is the best time to relocate. What I’m going to do is present the pros and cons of moving at each time of the month and you choose whatever suits your life circumstances.

Here are some factors you need to keep in mind when choosing your moving day:

End and Start of Lease

Lease Agreement
Lease agreements are typically set up so payments are due at the beginning of the month. If you’re not moving in at the start of the month, your first month will likely be pro-rated.

Lease agreements usually end at the end of the month and start at the beginning of the next month.

Many people like to plan their moving day at the end of the month to make use of their lease and to avoid increasing it. This gives them the chance to start the new lease agreement at the beginning of the month.

So, if this is something that you consider as a big deal, then plan to move during the last week of the month to start your new lease agreement at the start of the new month.

Availability of Service Providers

When planning your moving day, you need to consider the availability of relocating service providers. You might not be able to reserve a truck, POD (U-Haul vs PODs), or any moving service during rush days.

There’s usually a high demand for moving companies during the end and beginning of the month, so there might not be any services available for you.

I tried making a truck reservation from Enterprise Truck RentalOpens in a new tab. on the 31st of October and couldn’t find any trucks available for me during that day. That’s why many recommend moving mid-month when everyone else isn’t moving.

However, if you have to move during the beginning or end of the month, then request your moving service at least a month in advance.


Paying money for moving expenses

The general rule is that when the demand is high, the prices are also high. Because the majority like to move at the beginning or end of the month, you might find that the prices for packing and moving services get higher. The same goes for renting trucks and PODS.

This could be inconvenient if you’re on a tight budget, so I suggest you make all your moving reservations in the middle of the month when the demand is much lower.

Damage Risk

Avoid making moving service reservations on high-demand days. Packers and movers may have several orders on the same day during these times.

This puts more stress on them and they might not be able to focus on your order properly increasing the damage risk of your belongings. Keep that in mind when picking your moving day.

What Time of the Year Is Best for You to Move?

People tend to move between late April and early September. This time is known as peak seasonOpens in a new tab.. During this time the demand for moving companies is very high, especially during June, July and August.

When choosing the best month for you to move there are some factors you need to keep in mind:

The Start of the School Year

School Bus

If you live in a big city that attracts a lot of college students, then keep in mind that most of them move during early September. It’s hard to find good moving services during late spring or early fall as most college students and families with kids are moving.

Not only during those high demand months that the prices are high and the services are all booked, but also the driving traffic is way worse, making your moving day more stressful.

You should keep that in mind especially when renting a moving truck because you’re the one paying for gas.


Avoid booking any moving services near or during the holidays. As many people are on holiday breaks and have the time to move, the demand for moving companies and rentals is high. At this time, the prices are at their peak.

For example, try renting a truck, say from Budget Truck RentalOpens in a new tab., on the 25th of December. You’ll find that a 16’ moving truck will cost about $320 and a 26′ one will cost about $6,600 for a specific trip.

On the other hand, renting the same trucks from the same rental for the same trip on the 15th of January is a lot cheaper. A 16′ moving truck will cost about $280 and a 26′ one will cost about $380.

(Budget vs U-Haul vs Penske – Who is best for a Long Distance Move?)

With the increasing demand for moving companies and rentals during the holidays, you might not find moving resources available for you. Also, consider the drive traffic you’ll face when moving during the holidays.

So, save yourself the frustration and avoid moving during holidays.



It goes without saying that you shouldn’t move during the winter if you live somewhere that gets harsh winters. Save yourself the stress of moving on icy roads and heavy rains or snow.

However, prices for moving services are lower during winter. So, if winter isn’t harsh where you live, then move during the winter to get the best deal on moving services.

Moving During the Weekends vs. Weekdays

This mainly depends on two factors: service cost and drive traffic. The weekends are usually when everyone has time to move, so moving companies charge more during those peak days.

Also, drive traffic is less during the weekdays when you choose the right time. This means less gas money and headaches.

However, many people prefer the weekends so they can settle in and start their new week fresh. Also, family and friends can help during the weekend.

If you can do the moving on your own and have flexibility with your moving date, then choose a weekday.

What Time of the Day Is Best for Moving?

It’s best to start your moving day during the early hours of the day. Moving takes much longer than we usually expect. Starting early gives you more time to unpack and organize your stuff in your new place.

If you live in a hotter climate, the early hours of the day or the night hours when the weather is cooler is a good choice considering the physical effort you’ll have to make moving your stuff.

Keep in mind not to move late at night when you know you’ll be making noise so you won’t bother your new neighbors.

Other Factors to Consider

Here are some other factors you might need to consider:

Moving to an Area Where You Don’t Know Anybody

Moving to a New Home

If you’re in a new neighborhood where you don’t know anybody, then I recommend avoiding moving during the holidays. It’s best to give yourself time to meet people and make friends so you can enjoy the holiday celebrations and avoid feeling lonely.

Work Flexibility

Not everyone has the work flexibility to choose the right day, month, or hour to move. Choose the time that goes with your job circumstances. It’s best to pay extra bucks rather than create work problems.

However, if you’re switching to a new job, then it’s recommended to move during the end of the month so you can start your new job at the beginning of the month and not disturb your paycheck.

Moving With Children

This differs from one family to another. Some prefer moving in the summer so that they won’t disturb their children’s school year. This also ensures that the children are at home so that they can lend a helping hand.

Moving during the summer also gives the children time to adapt to their new environment before they begin at their new school.

However, some think that moving during the middle of the school year can be better. The idea is that your children can make new friends faster and not spend the summer alone. Also, the teachers will give them more attention.

To Wrap Up

The best time to move differs from one person to another. You should know all the possibilities available for you and choose the one that suits your circumstances.

As a general rule, try to avoid moving during times when the demand is high on packing and moving companies in order to save on the costs, find available resources, decrease the damage risk, avoid driving traffic, and stress.


I've been a college coach for going on 20 years now and that career has led Jen and I on quite the journey. We've lived in 7 different states and have moved a dozen different times. We've learned A LOT over the course of all those moves and we want to pass on our knowledge to help others going through the moving process.

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